Our Team

Julia (Julie) Pile
Parent Leader
Boone County, Kentucky

Julie Pile first became engaged in her children’s school when her daughter was in kindergarten.  The PTA was looking for help with their website.  She had just completed an overhaul of her employer’s website and felt she could contribute her talents.  In that she was a full-time working mom and the website could be done outside of school hours, it was a way she could help without being physically present at the school.  Through those first years of attending PTA meetings, she felt she was not part of the “in crowd” and was sure other parents felt the same.  She was determined to make a difference and make it so that all parents/families felt welcomed at PTA functions.

Eventually she became President of the PTA and at the same time was invited to participate in a program sponsored by the The Prichard Committee for Educational Excellence called The Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership.  This program gave her the knowledge and tools to start working even more closely with her children’s schools.

Julie can be often be found on Twitter chats leading discussions on getting more families, guardians, mentors and the community involved in education.  Opening doors and changing cement walls to glass walls.  She is a Parent Ambassador in the Boone County School System and in 2015 was recognized as the Bammy Award People’s Choice Parent Leadership recipient.  She is has served in multiple PTA positions including most recently Social Media Commissioner for the Kentucky State PTA and 14th District PTA.