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Welcome to the New Home of ParentCamp

ParentCampUSA held October 25, 2016 in Washington, DC


All parents care about their child’s education…they’re just not always sure what role they play in ensuring a great educational experience.  ParentCamp is a time for parents, teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders to come together on an even playing field and hold face-to-face conversations about what is best for kids.

ParentCamp events are held in an informal un-conference style setting where everyone’s experiences in the room are valued. The concept is driven by the four core beliefs outlined in the book “Beyond the Bake Sale”:

  1. All parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them.
  2. All parents have the capacity to support their children’s learning.
  3. Parents and school staff should be equal partners.
  4. The responsibility for building partnerships between school and home rests primarily with school staff, especially school leaders.

ParentCamps also incorporate social media and virtual platforms, open to anyone whether or not they attend a ParentCamp event in person.  Discussions and professional learning networks naturally continue to evolve to help build a grassroots movement of parent engagement and empowerment.

ParentCamp = Parents CAN

What is ParentCamp? Learn more here.